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A : Bir
a car, a flower, a table
Ability : Kabiliyet, Yetenek, Beceri, Güç, İktidar
He has the ability to do the job.
Able : Yapabilmek, Yapabilen
I’m able to swim.
About : Hakkında, İlgili, Konusunda
Tell us about Tom.
Above : Yukarıda
Tom lives in the room above us.
Accept : Kabul Etmek
He accepted my idea.
According: Göre
We’re proceeding according to plan.
Account : Hesap, Açıklama, Banka Hesabı
Here’s my account number.
Across : Karşısında
It’s across the street.
Act : Hareket, Eylem, Davranış
You need to act.
Action : Eylem, Etki, Hareket
His action frightened us.
Activity: Faaliyet, Etkinlik
What’s your favorite holiday activity?
Actually: Aslında, Gerçekte
We never actually met.
Add : Eklemek, Katmak, İlave Etmek, Toplamak, Katmak
Add more water to it.
Address : Adres
Give me Tom’s address.
Administration: Yönetim, İdare
They complained about the city administration.
Admit : Kabul Etmek
I admit my mistake.
Adult : Yetişkin, Erişkin
Two adult tickets, please.
Affect : Etkilemek, Etki Etmek
The audience was deeply affected.
After : Sonra, Ardından, Daha Sonra
Repeat after me.
Again : Tekrar, Yeniden
I’ll try again.
Against : Karşısında, Karşı
It’s against the rules.
Age : Yaş
Tom is my age.
Agency : Ajans, Acenta
Tom started an advertising agency.
Agent : Ajan, Temsilci, Etken
He is an FBI agent.
Ago : Önce, Evvel
Tom left an hour ago.
Agree : Anlaşmak, Kabul Etmek
Tom and Mary agree.
Agreement: Anlaşma, Sözleşme
That was our agreement.
Ahead : Önde, İleri
Go ahead and ask Tom.
Air : Hava
We need fresh air.
All : Herşey, Tüm, Bütün
Is that all?
Allow : İzin Vermek
I can’t allow you to do that.
Almost : Neredeyse, Hemen Hemen
It’s almost 2:30.
Alone : Yalnız, Tek Başına
I live alone.
Along : Boyunca, Yanı Sıra
Come along with me.
Already : Zaten
It’s already 7:00.
Also : Ayrıca, Hem De
I also like candy.
Although: Rağmen, Karşın , Gerçi
Although it rained, everyone had a good time.
Always : Her Zaman, Daima
He’s always busy.
American: Amerikan
I’m an American; we don’t have masters.
Among : Arasında, İçinde
Divide the cake among you three.
Amount : Miktar, Tutar, Değer
This amount includes tax.
Analysis: Analiz, Çözümleme
After careful analysis, he decided not to go.
And : Ve, İle
Come and see.
Animal : Hayvan
I love animals.
Another : Bir Diğeri, Başka, Farklı, Ayrı
I need another job.
Answer : Cevap, Yanıt
Answer the phone.
Any : Herhangi, Hiç, Her
Is there any sugar?
Anyone : Kimse, Herhangi Biri, Hiç Kimse
Anyone home?
Anything: Bir Şeyi Herhangi Bir Şey, Hiçbir Şey
Can I do anything?
Appear : Görünmek, Gözükmek
Tom sometimes appears on TV.
Apply : Uygulamak, Başvurmak
I’d like to apply for a job.
Approach: Yaklaşım, Yaklaşma
Don’t approach the dog.
Area : Alan, Bölge
There is no beach in this area.
Argue : Tartışmak
I don’t have time to argue.
Arm : Kol, Silah, Dal
Tom broke his arm.
Around : Etrafında
I left around 2:30.
Arrive : Varmak, Ulaşmak
Tom arrives today.
Art : Sanat
Last week I visited a beautiful art store.
Article : Makale, Madde, Yazı
The article was written in French.
Artist : Sanatçı
Tom wants to be a tattoo artist.
As : Gibi, Olarak
Do as you like.
Ask : Sormak, İstemek
Don’t ask.
Assume : Varsaymak, Farzetmek
I assume you’re angry.
Attack : Saldırı, Atak
We’re under attack.
Attention: Dikkat
Pay attention.
Attorney: Avukat, Vekil
I’m an attorney.
Audience: Seyirci, İzleyici
The audience was deeply affected.
Author : Yazar
Who is your favorite author?
Authority: Yetki, Otorite
I have the authority to do this.
Available: Müsait, Mevcut, Geçerli
Are seats available?
Avoid : Önlemek, Kaçınmak
I’m trying to avoid Tom.
Away : Uzak, Uzakta
Take that away.
Baby : Bebek
The baby is crying.
Back : Geri
Turn back from here.
Bad : Kötü
The weather will be bad today.
Bag : Sırt Çantası
Do not forget your bag.
Ball : Top
The ball is in your court now.
Bank : Banka
Her bank account is zero.
Bar : Bar
He sat on the bar.
Base : Üs, Temel, Baz
He is working in the navy base.
Be : Olmak, Var Olmak
Be quite.
Beat : Dövmek, Yenmek
We beat them.
Beautiful: Güzel
The weather is beautiful today.
Because : Çünkü
I do it because I want to.
Become : Olmak, Haline Gelmek
It’s become dark.
Bed : Yatak
Go to bed before 12:00.
Before : Önce
Go to bed before 12:00.
Begin : Başlamak, Başlatmak
Let’s begin.
Behavior: Davranış, Tutum, Hareket
I don’t speak with because of his behaviour.
Behind : Arkasında, Gerisinde
Stay behind the wall.
Believe : İnanmak, İnancı Olmak
Believe me, it is true.
Benefit : Yarar, Fayda
I can benefit from your experience.
Best : En İyi, En İyisi, En
I am the best player in the team.
Better : Daha İyi, Daha Güzel, Daha İyi Şekilde
He is better than me.
Between : Arasında, Aralarında
Choose between this two colors.
Beyond : Ötesinde, Öte
My house is beyond that bridge.
Big : Büyük
How big is it?
Bill : Fatura
I have to pay the internet bill.
Billion : Milyar
One in a billion.
Black : Siyah
Do you see the black clouds.
Blood : Kan
My blood type is Orh+.
Blue : Mavi
The sky is blue.
Board : Yazı Tahtası
Clean the board please.
Body : Vücut
He has a strong body.
Book : Kitap
Open your books.
Born : Doğmuş, Doğum
I was born in 2000.
Both : Her İkisi De, İkisi De
They both smile.
Box : Kutu
Your gift is in that red box.
Boy : Erkek Çocuk
Boys are playing football.
Break : Kırılma
Who broke the glass?
Bring : Getirmek
Bring your bag with you.
Brother : Erkek Kardeş
I have 2 brothers and one sister.
Budget : Bütçe
We are traveling on a tight budget.
Build : İnşa Etmek
They are building a new house.
Building: Bina
The building is very high.
Business: İş
I have a business English course tonight.
But : Fakat, Ama, Lakin
I want to come but it is too late.
Buy : Satın Almak
Can I buy this one?
By : Tarafından, İle, Göre, Vasıtasıyla
He came by bus.
Call : Aramak
Can you call her?
Camera : Kamera
Turn off the camera please.
Campaign: Kampanya
Did you take part in the campaign?
Can : Yapabilmek
I can do it.
Cancer : Kanser
Cancer of the Stomach is a common disease.
Candidate: Aday
Michael was the perfect candidate.
Capital : Başkent
The capital was the center of the commercial activities.
Car : Araba
Her car was in full view.
Card : Kart
A Christmas cardcome to life.
Care : Bakım
He will not care.
Career : Kariyer
She had a short career as a writer.
Carry : Taşımak
I bid you carry it to him.
Case : Dava
Don’t plead my case for me.
Catch : Yakalamak
Catch hold from underneath.
Cause : Sebep Olmak
All I do is cause pain.
Cell : Hücre
The cell reproduced and the organism grew.
Center : Merkez
This way, around the center of the lake.
Central : Merkezi
After the war, it remained a central hub.
Century : Yüzyıl
A century later, machines entered the scene.
Certain : Belli
I feel certain of it.
Certainly: Kesinlikle
She certainly didn’t feel any different.
Chair : Sandalye
He leaned forward in his chair, sobering.
Challenge: Meydan Okuma
I like a challenge once in a while.
Chance : Şans
You had your chance to solve it on your own.
Change : Değişiklik
He was struck by the change in him.
Character: Karakter
It was totally out of character for her.
Charge : Şarj Etmek
I will be in charge of your initiation.
Check : Kontrol
I’ll check that too.
Child : Çocuk
This child has a wonderful gift.
Choice : Seçim
At that moment there was a choice to make.
Choose : Seçmek
I had hoped he’d choose your sister.
Church : Kilise
Are you all going to church this morning?
Citizen : Vatandaş
You’re a private citizen in a few days.
City : Şehir
You should have called the city cops.
Civil : Sivil
The last civil war set us back fifty years.
Claim : İddia
She went to claim it.
Class : Sınıf
He skipped the class on good nom de plumes.
Clear : Açık
It was clear and frosty.
Clearly : Açıkça
His expression was clearly displeased.
Close : Kapat
Close our eyes, count to five.
Coach : Koç
Do you have a coach?
Cold : Soğuk
It was cold in the cave.
Collection: Toplamak
Vogt published a collection of Bugenhagen’s correspondence in 1888
College : Kolej
She’ll be going to college next month.
Color : Renk
The color is amazing.
Come : Gelmek
I can come back.
Commercial: Ticari
The capital was the center of the commercial activities.
Common : Ortak
She will only utilize it for common good.
Community: Topluluk
To her surprise, the condo community was as quiet as the night she left.
Company : Şirket
Go and keep her company for ten minutes.
Compare : Karşılaştırmak
I don’t compare you to Josh.
Computer: Bilgisayar
Yes, and I ordered a computer for you too.
Concern : İlgilendirmek
So there’s no concern these visions may stop completely?
Condition: Şart
Do you know theconditionI am in?
Conference: Konferans
Death dude sat at the back of the conferenceroom, out of the glare of the screen.
Congress: Kongre
The Berlin congress decided that it should remain with Servia.
Consider: Göz Önüne Almak
It was too far to consider driving every day, even if she had a car.
Consumer: Tüketici
There was a rising worldwide consumption of consumergoods.
Contain : İçermek
Fred could hardly contain his excite­ment.
Continue: Devam Et
He would continueuntil he was satisfied.
Control : Kontrol
I can’t control it yet.
Cost : Maliyet
It must have cost a fortune!
Could : Yapabilir
What could he do about it but lose more sleep?
Country : Ülke
The country was wild and beautiful.
Couple : Çift
I have a couple of polo shirts, but no light shirts.
Course : Ders
Its course down the cliff was marked by the cracking of limbs.
Court : Mahkeme
“The ball is in yourcourt,” I said.
Cover : Örtü
Deep from the fire-bars to the cover.
Create : Yaratmak
Trading is able to create value for two reasons.
Crime : Suç
The crime had begun and must now be completed.
Cultural: Kültürel
This gave people a shared set of cultural references.
Culture : Kültür
If only she understood our culture better.
Cup : Fincan
He took the cupfrom her hand.
Current : Şu Andaki
This is the currentbattle situation.
Customer: Müşteri
They suggest other products a customer might be interested in.
Cut : Kesmek
I’ve cut enough here for supper.
Dark : Karanlık
He looked tall and lean in a dark suit.
Data : Veri
You have some access to data bases that could be helpful.
Daughter: Kız Evlat
I remember the daughter, too.
Day : Gün
“This may be the last great day,” he said.
Dead : Ölü
A living dog is better than a deadlion.
Deal : Anlaşmak
She’d deal with him later.
Death : Ölüm
I was scared to death I couldn’t… get back!
Debate : Tartışma
See you at thedebatetomorrow.
Decade : On Yıl
Then there can be a week, a month, a year, a decade, and a century without war.
Decide : Karar Vermek
I hope you decide to take the job.
Decision: Karar
It was no small decision for her.
Deep : Derin
She drew a deep breath.
Defense : Savunma
In her defense, she thought I was trying to kill her.
Degree : Derece
Every child feels displaced to some degree when a new sibling arrives.
Democrat: Demokrat
I’m a tried and truedemocrat.
Democratic: Demokratik
You have to split this in a nice democraticfashion.
Describe: Tanımlamak
I can’t describe how helpless I felt.
Design : Tasarım
It’s a Lou Rankin design, Fred answered.
Despite : Rağmen
He appeared relaxed, despite the danger.
Detail : Ayrıntı
I related in detailwhat I’d learned on line.
Determine: Belirlemek
She couldn’t determine if she’d won this round or not.
Develop : Geliştirmek
The second crop of cabbage was starting to develop, and the okra looked good.
Development: Kalkınma
But three years later a new economic development began.
Die: Ölmek
I should die of happiness!
Difference : Fark
He was so tall there was a vast difference in their height.
Different : Farklı
There’s nothing wrong with having a different opinion.
Difficult : Zor
It must be difficult for Alex to keep you happy.
Dinner : Akşam Yemeği
Dinner will be ready at six O’clock.
Direction : Yön
She faced the direction from which she’d come.
Director : Yönetmen
You’re a vital asset and the director knows it.
Discover : Keşfetmek
I want to discoverwhat I can do.
Discuss : Tartışmak
They could discuss it privately when they got home.
Discussion: Tartışma
Once decided, there would be no discussion or argument.
Disease : Hastalık
Given all this, do you really believe this disease still has a chance?
Do : Yapmak
I never thought I could do it.
Doctor : Doktor
Thedoctor seemed tired and in a hurry.
Dog : Köpek
Does a dog have ears?
Door : Kapı
The door opened and Alex stepped into the room.
Down : Aşağı
She sat down on the bed and sighed again.
Draw : Çizmek
He evidently wished todraw him on.
Dream : Rüya
I dream of you too, dear.
Drive : Sürmek
Do you want me to drive you there?
Drop : Düşürmek
Can you just drop me off near the mall?
Drug : Uyuşturucu
Had Allen been here to make a drug deal with Giddon?
During : Sırasında
Sleep was not her friend duringthe day.
Each : Her
For eachdinner, sixty or more people show up.
Early : Erken
I never eat this earlyin the morning.
East : Doğu
Sun rises in the eastand sets in the west.
Easy : Kolay
You make an easytarget.
Eat : Yemek
“I eat in here,” he said.
Economic : Ekonomik
This is a straight shot to economicpoverty for any country desperate enough to try it.
Economy : Ekonomi
The economy was affected by the establishment of a land tax.
Edge : Kenar
His voice had an edge to it.
Education : Eğitim
“That’s what comes of a modern education,” exclaimed the visitor.
Effect : Efekt
The changes had an immediate effect.
Effort : Çaba
I admire the effort and sacrifice you put into it.
Eight : Sekiz
Newly crowned heroine Lydia Larkin won the election by eight votes.
Either : Ya
He put a hand on eitherside of her.
Election : Seçim
Jake’s not standing for election next August.
Else : Başka
Someone elsecarries this baby for you.
Employee : Çalışan
The employee turned to her and waved her through.
End : Son
In the end, there was no choice.
Energy : Enerji
Now put that energyinto walking.
Enjoy : Keyif Almak
You’re beginning to enjoy it, aren’t you?
Enough : Yeterli
She had enough for the entire family.
Enter : Girmek
I’ll wait ’til you enterthe door.
Entire : Tamamı
She had enough for the entire family.
Environment : Çevre
The law was a win for the environment.
Environmental : Çevreci
They must try to protect the environment.
Especially : Özellikle
Joseph feels especially good today.
Establish : Kurmak
She established the rules.
Evening : Akşam
How is your evening going on?
Event : Olay
She will win the event.
Ever : Hiç
Did you ever feel so bad?
Every : Her
Every alive people drinks water.
Everybody : Herkes
Everybody knows that 2+2=4.
Everyone : Herkes
Everyone should feel the fresh air.
Everything : Her Şey
You should know everything.
Evidence : Delil
She doesn’t have any evidence.
Exactly : Kesinlikle
I don’t know exactly where she is.
Example : Örnek
Why don’t you read Rıza’s example?
Executive: Yönetici
Ahmet is soft enough to be a good executive.
Exist : Var Olmak
She believes that angels exist.
Expect : Ummak
What do you expect from me?
Experience: Deneyim
Do you have experience for this job?
Expert : Uzman
The expert is called for advice.
Explain : Açıklamak
She will explain the case to you.
Eye : Göz
Close your right eye and smile.
Face : Yüz
Her face became sad.
Fact : Gerçek
It is hard to tell fact from fiction!
Factor : Faktör
His manner is a factor in his success.
Fail : Başarısız
He failed the test.
Fall : Düşmek
The rain falls heavily onto the roof.
Family : Aile
He wants to spend more time with his family.
Far : Uzak
Far from eye far from heart.
Fast : Hızlı
He had a liking for fast cars.
Father : Baba
He’s the father of three small children.
Fear : Korku
She is trying to face her fear of dogs.
Federal : Federal
The territories are governed by federal laws.
Feel : Hissetmek
They feel a lot of anxiety before a test.
Feeling : Duygu
He got a strange feeling he was being watched.
Few : Az
There are a few reasons.
Field : Alan
The football field is enclosed by a wall.
Fight : Kavga
She joined the fight against cancer.
Figure : Şekil
Her dress moulds to her figure.
Fill : Doldurmak
He helped us to fill in the form.
Film : Film
He really enjoys horror films.
Final : Nihai
Our final exams start in about two weeks.
Finally : En Sonunda
They finally found the cat up on the roof.
Financial : Mali
The company needs more financial assistance
Find : Bulmak
I find it hard to believe you.
Fine : Güzel
You did a fine job.
Finger : Parmak
She cut her finger on a piece of glass.
Finish : Bitiş
They have to finish their clean-up.
Fire : Ateş
They are fighting a house fire.
Firm : Firma
An education firm called Eduvio produced a similar product.
First : İlk
She finished the race at first position.
Fish : Balık
He caught a huge fish.
Five : Beş
I got up at five o’clock.
Floor : Zemin
His office is on the second floor.
Fly : Uçmak
I will fly to Istanbul tomorrow.
Focus : Odaklanmak
Focus on your studies.
Follow : Takip Etmek
Somebody is following us.
Food : Gıda
She made his favorite food for his birthday.
Foot : Ayak
Her foot slipped and she fell down the stairs.
For : İçin
Next year, I will travel for three weeks.
Force : Kuvvet
I tried to force from my memory.
Foreign : Yabancı
He also spent some time in the Foreign Office in Berlin.
Forget : Unutmak
I forget my keys
Form : Form
Please fill in the form.
Former : Eski
He was former worker of our company.
Forward : Ileri
She stepped forward and hugged him.
Four : Dört
There are four people there.
Free : Ücretsiz
The Wi-Fi is free in this cafe.
Friend : Arkadaş
She is my best friend.
Front : Ön
He is in front of me in the que.
Full : Tam
Are you a full time student?
Fund : Fon, Sermaye
The company was short of funds.
Future : Gelecek
Could you be more careful in future?
Game : Oyun
Game Over.
Garden : Bahçe
They’re working in the backyard garden.
Gas : Gaz
The car almost ran out of gas.
General : Genel
I am going to take IELTS General exam.
Generation : Nesil
This model belongs to the latest generation. 
Get : Almak
He gets his residence permit today.
Girl : Kız
The girl in red dress is beautiful
Give : Vermek
Give me Tom’s address.
Glass : Bardak
Who broke the glass?


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